Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The wild flower - Part 2

Being from the wild, he had instincts
The wild flower could communicate
With birds, insects and trees around

He found the garden flowers shallow
They were not concerned beyond the
Garden where they all lived and died

The plants and creatures outside were
Considered lowly and not trustworthy
Even white wild flower was left alone

The wild flower soon turned towards
The forest and became good friends
With a visiting swallow bird nearby

He heard about the swallows tales
Crossing oceans, whales, mountains
But the swallow soon flew far away

Wild flower remained lost in thoughts
Painting vast landscapes in his mind
He had no company but was in bliss

One day early evening when flowers
Prepared for their long beauty sleep
Rose discreetly spoke to wild flower

'It was always my dream to fly
Soar the horizon, touch the clouds
The wind would lift all my petals'

'Amazing', the wild flower said to her
'But we are plants rooted to ground
The swallow said its beautiful above'

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