Saturday, 20 December 2014


Last night I met you
In my dream world
There you told me
How you met him
About your romance

How the initial
Affinity led more
Till you parted
But came back
Cycle continued

And now my world
Comes to a perfect
Circle of actions and
Their consequences
I’m free now from you

Freedom needs courage
I was happier warped in
Memories and daydreams
Maybe someday you might
Remember and come back

But that return can't be
Pleasant at all, It’ll mean
You’ve broken beyond
What I’ve had become
There’s no turning back

The pieces are slowly
Fitting together now
But the picture formed
Doesn’t have me at all
It’s your new romance

Time and space pushes
Me now to take a step
Beyond from the story
Reality doesn’t need me
Surreal now beckons

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