Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The wild flower - Part 5

With days wild flower grew restless
He wished to set out to search rose
But he was a plant and deep rooted

Maybe the swallow will return soon
I'll ask for a ride in her beak and fly
To find the royal bouquet with rose

But the swallow never came back
Slowly the shrubs became a mess
Wild flower was withering away

Then one day the hermit did notice
There were so many weeds outside
The garden now looked so clumsy

Next day the shrubs and weeds
Were all cleared, the wild flower
Was never ever heard of again

The garden flowers made a legend
That the wild flower went to temple
And became part of God's garland


'Cough! Cough!' wild flower sneezed
'Wohoooooo! Now I can fly!', rose said,
'It's cold here now just hold my hands!'

The rose and the wild flower sat adjacent
Two flower pots kept at princess's window
Up on top of the tower of the King's castle

The wise hermit gifted plants with roots
And with the wind the rose spread leaves
Holding together they touched the clouds

The End

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