Saturday, 13 December 2014


I don't know how
I landed upon this
Distant planet red
And inhospitable

Not a drop of water
What remains frozen
The sky is scarlet hue
Raging furious storms

When my ship crashed
I never ever can recall
I survived, breathing
Through toxic fumes

Connection was lost
With mission control
And no one guessed
That I was still alive

But its also bit true
In a way I had died
The red planet then
Nurtured me back

Nothing to live upon
But in ethereal plane
You can absorb from
Pure madness within

I spend my days now
Climbing jagged rocks
Finding narrow caves
Sheltered from storms

Peaking discordant realms
Red planet sings my songs
Its topography is nothing
But what I draw on ground

The crimson sky and hills
Form my infinite canvas
Slowly the planet I merge
Until the sun swallows all

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