Saturday, 27 December 2014


Someone pointed we lacked
Any spark to ignite romance
It got me angry not because
It might be wrong, actually
It might be completely true

That my feelings were selfish
Since I never cared what you
Felt for me in the first place
Friendly affection was only
What we shared between us

Whatever I did had agenda
To me you were a conquest
From a dear friend I became
Lots trouble, embarrassment
I pushed to point of no return

And strangely enough, all of it
Seems true, I've got no defense
Everything I'd felt or I did was
Completely wrong, and fading
Away is right thing to do now

Then do I plead guilty?
No absolutely I am not
Something in me says
My feelings were true
And my actions right

In the larger scheme of things
This is what was meant to be
The beautiful moments for me
To always cherish and life will
Go on and soon there'll be dawn

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