Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The wild flower - Part 3

And thus the rose and the wild flower
Mingled and talked irrelevant things
Like tigers, hedgehogs and wild frogs

The rose said she was totally fearless
Because of her thorns like sharp claws
'My leaves are webbed, I can also swim'

The wild flower was too much in awe
To make any contradictions to claims
Dazed he felt she could swim and claw

Weeks passed and they became so close
Much to every garden flowers' contempt
How could their prize value a vagabond?

But there was more coming on their way
The mighty King came hunting to forest 
While chasing deer he fell from his horse

His foot was badly bruised and broken
The soldiers knew of hermit's medicine
They carried the fallen king to the hut

It took three weeks for hermit treatment
Herbal ointments and boiled root paste
And the king was back on his feet again

Before leaving the king saw the garden
Impressed the king told the hermit that
He wanted the rose to gift his daughter

The hermit was taken aback and said
'I don't intend pluck any of my flowers
They wither to death soon there after

But since you are my guest of honor
I don't make promises, but shall see
If it's what is truly meant to be done'

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