Thursday, 4 December 2014

Words unsaid

Sometimes words are better unsaid
Meaning is often lost in translation
Unsaid words have benefit of doubt
Doubts are way better than conflicts

What did I ever attain by telling you
That I loved you, hoped commitment
Your precious companionship reduced
Many years of bitter quarrel continued

But at least we got to know each other
Masks got removed and souls exposed
I showed my bitter side, yet thankfully
You were able to maintain your grace

I sometimes wonder how it'd been else
If I kept mum that night, instead the urge
To break the turmoil breaking me within
Maybe I'd seen more smiles than disdain

How'd it have been if I had just written a letter
Made it a paper boat, floated it on Powai lake?
Few minutes later it'd have soaked and drowned
Ink in my mad lines would've blot into the water

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